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The Surprising Way to Feel Less Negative at Work

You may have more control over negativity at work than you think. Read more. Advertisements

Student Loan Defaults Are Surging. But Why?

Here’s a story I wrote for PayScale.com.

Best-Paying Jobs by Major

Here’s another story of mine that ran on Monster.com for PayScale.com. Read it here. 

Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men

Here’s a story I wrote for online salary database PayScale.com. It ran on AOL’s website on March 1, 2012. Read it here.

Jobs that Set the Mood

This story ran on AOL’s website. I wrote it for the online salary database PayScale.com. Read it here.

Moms first, then Rollergirls

When I heard about the resurgence of roller derby, I wanted to find a different angle.  This story ran in the Living section of the Omaha World-Herald on July 16, 2006. Moms first, then Rollergirls: Rough sport empowers women The smile Tuesday Larson wears all day as an office manager and real estate agent disappears when … Continue reading

Saddle Creek Records: Then and now

These two stories — only four years apart — show the evolution of Omaha-based indie rock label Saddle Creek Records in that short timespan. As music reporter, I covered the record label and its artists as they caught the attention of top music critics. As real estate reporter and then retail reporter, I continued to … Continue reading

Signing Off: Veteran ‘sign writer’ will retire after a half-century

Special skills, special man. I truly enjoyed meeting Jim and having the privilege of telling his story.This  article ran on the front page of the Omaha World-Herald on October 26, 2009. SIGNING OFF – Veteran ‘sign writer’ will retire after a half-century – By Christine Laue WORLD-HERALD  For more than a half-century, Jim O’Keefe alerted … Continue reading