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Integrated marketing pieces

What do you get when you put a guide with a postcard and a PowerPoint? Marketing collateral that gets attention. I wrote a consumer-facing guide, “Your Core Retirement Decisions,” for financial planning professionals to use to attract prospects. The timeline was wildly popular for its effectiveness in clearly communicating the importance of making certain retirement … Continue reading

Breaking content down into smaller pieces

Convincing someone to read about a topic they’re not sure they want to read about sometimes calls for breaking content down into smaller pieces. That’s what I suggested for a long training piece designed to attract insurance agents and financial planners to sell annuities. The result is a three-piece “kit” that ended up as a … Continue reading

‘The Journey’ white paper

I enjoy coming up with concepts that will tell the story that the client wants to tell in a compelling way that gets results. “The Journey: Showing Clients the Way, Not Just Returns” is an example of a white paper that I helped shape, by injecting a theme and tying it together with transitions, pull-outs … Continue reading

Examples of website copy I’ve written

I am experienced in writing website copy, working with user experience developers and graphic designers to create engaging pages and converting visitors to leads. I wrote the copy throughout the Medicare BackOffice website, including its expansive resource library (featuring guides, infographics, videos, etc.) I also wrote the copy on this website for Income ArchiTech financial planning software. … Continue reading

‘The Elephant and the Snowball’ white paper

For a white paper to stand out, it needs an attention-grabbing title. In the financial planning space, this title certainly did: “The Elephant & the Snowball: How Advisors Can, and Should, Tax Talks With Clients.” It drove leads and created a theme that the marketing team carried out with elephant-shaped stress balls and a large … Continue reading

Guide to Medicare

When I was tasked with writing a consumer-facing guide to Medicare, I knew little about Medicare. The resulting “Guide to Medicare” has been well-received, in part, because of its simplicity. See it here.

‘Understanding the Donut Hole’ infographic

Here’s an infographic that I developed with the help of talented graphic artist Bailey Palmer to explain the complicated Medicare Part D prescription drug plan coverage gap known as the “donut hole.” I came up with the idea to publish this in our newsletter and in emails to clients for National Donut Day and wrote … Continue reading

The Surprising Way to Feel Less Negative at Work

You may have more control over negativity at work than you think. Read more.

Student Loan Defaults Are Surging. But Why?

Here’s a story I wrote for PayScale.com.