Moms first, then Rollergirls

When I heard about the resurgence of roller derby, I wanted to find a different angle.  This story ran in the Living section of the Omaha World-Herald on July 16, 2006. Moms first, then Rollergirls: Rough sport empowers women The smile Tuesday Larson wears all day as an office manager and real estate agent disappears when … Continue reading

Saddle Creek Records: Then and now

These two stories — only four years apart — show the evolution of Omaha-based indie rock label Saddle Creek Records in that short timespan. As music reporter, I covered the record label and its artists as they caught the attention of top music critics. As real estate reporter and then retail reporter, I continued to … Continue reading

Signing Off: Veteran ‘sign writer’ will retire after a half-century

Special skills, special man. I truly enjoyed meeting Jim and having the privilege of telling his story.This  article ran on the front page of the Omaha World-Herald on October 26, 2009. SIGNING OFF – Veteran ‘sign writer’ will retire after a half-century – By Christine Laue WORLD-HERALD  For more than a half-century, Jim O’Keefe alerted … Continue reading

Yahoo will make it official today

With a little sleuthing, good sourcing and persistence, I broke the story about Yahoo locating a facility in Omaha months before the company officially announced it. That sourcing paid off again, when I was able to confirm the official word before the announcement. Here’s that story, which ran October 24, 2008:   Yahoo will make … Continue reading

Bono mixes music with a message

I didn’t interview U2’s Bono, unfortunately. But I did get this major scoop — Bono stayed in Omaha the day after U2’s 2005 Omaha concert for a private meeting. At the concert, Bono made a vague reference to a Christmas party he would be attending the next day. A good source tipped me off to the details. … Continue reading

A different shade of Black Friday

Retailers adapt their Black Friday strategies each year. In 2009, here’s what they did. This story was published in the Omaha World-Herald on Nov. 25, 2009.

More borrowers facing barriers

First assignment as the new real estate reporter? Explain subprime lending. This story, published March 23, 2007, in the Omaha World-Herald, was the first of many that tried to explain how changes on Wall Street were trickling down to Main Street.

SLAM group wants to enhance music scene

Before there was Facebook, an Omaha-based website called SLAM (Support Local Art and Music) showed the power of social networking. This article, published in the Omaha World-Herald on Aug. 5, 2001, explores the phenomenon that connected local music fans online and in person. “SLAM users admit to addiction” is a sidebar that provides more insight. (It also … Continue reading

Mama’s last call

A 56-year-old bartender is forced to retire after 30 years at a legendary Omaha live music venue that would be torn down to make way for a Walmart. “Mama’s Last Call” ran in the Omaha World-Herald on May 8 — Mother’s Day — in 2005. Mama’s Last Call For 30 years, Ranch Bowl bartender Amal Sawaged … Continue reading

A generation’s innocence dies

The Sept. 11th terrorist attacks were a defining moment for a generation. This story, published in the Omaha World-Herald on Sept. 13, 2001, recorded the raw reactions of Omahans at the intersection of adolescence and adulthood. A generation’s innocence dies: For a generation at a critical point in shaping its view of itself and the … Continue reading