Bono mixes music with a message

I didn’t interview U2’s Bono, unfortunately. But I did get this major scoop — Bono stayed in Omaha the day after U2’s 2005 Omaha concert for a private meeting. At the concert, Bono made a vague reference to a Christmas party he would be attending the next day. A good source tipped me off to the details. With some work, I confirmed the meeting by phone while a colleague and a photographer scouted the supposed meeting spot. The original story ran in the Omaha World-Herald on December 17, 2005, along with a photo of Bono and Warren Buffett’s daughter, Omaha’s Susan Buffett, who serves on the board of DATA, the group Bono helped form to address the debt, AIDS and trade issues in Africa. Nobody knew why Susan was holding a shoe in the photo.

A year later, I pieced it together. Major retailers unveiled the (PRODUCT) RED campaign to raise money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. One product was a limited edition Converse Chuck Taylor — the mysterious shoe in the photo. Hence, another front-page story, which  ran in the Omaha World-Herald on October 30, 2006.. Thanks, Bono.

Wait! There’s more! That story teased to this Living section feature on the (RED) products, which ran on the same day in the Omaha World-Herald (on October 30, 2006.)


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