Saddle Creek Records: Then and now

These two stories — only four years apart — show the evolution of Omaha-based indie rock label Saddle Creek Records in that short timespan. As music reporter, I covered the record label and its artists as they caught the attention of top music critics. As real estate reporter and then retail reporter, I continued to … Continue reading

Yahoo will make it official today

With a little sleuthing, good sourcing and persistence, I broke the story about Yahoo locating a facility in Omaha months before the company officially announced it. That sourcing paid off again, when I was able to confirm the official word before the announcement. Here’s that story, which ran October 24, 2008:   Yahoo will make … Continue reading

Bono mixes music with a message

I didn’t interview U2’s Bono, unfortunately. But I did get this major scoop — Bono stayed in Omaha the day after U2’s 2005 Omaha concert for a private meeting. At the concert, Bono made a vague reference to a Christmas party he would be attending the next day. A good source tipped me off to the details. … Continue reading

A different shade of Black Friday

Retailers adapt their Black Friday strategies each year. In 2009, here’s what they did. This story was published in the Omaha World-Herald on Nov. 25, 2009.

More borrowers facing barriers

First assignment as the new real estate reporter? Explain subprime lending. This story, published March 23, 2007, in the Omaha World-Herald, was the first of many that tried to explain how changes on Wall Street were trickling down to Main Street.

A generation’s innocence dies

The Sept. 11th terrorist attacks were a defining moment for a generation. This story, published in the Omaha World-Herald on Sept. 13, 2001, recorded the raw reactions of Omahans at the intersection of adolescence and adulthood. A generation’s innocence dies: For a generation at a critical point in shaping its view of itself and the … Continue reading